Blanding’s Turtle Conservation

Starting June 2018, I worked with Grassroots Wildlife Conservation to raise and release the turtles during 10th grade Biology class. As of June 2019, I've helped release eight Blanding's turtles.
In March 2019, I published an article to the REPTILES Magazine about it, and in April 2019, I was invited to an elementary school in Holliston, MA, to talk about my experience with Blanding's turtle conservation to students.

Processing Data for Frog Reintroduction at Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Worked with Joe Martinez from the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology to help monitor frog reintroduction at Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

Advocacy Against Rattlesnake Roundups

You can view an essay I wrote about the topic here, and a YouTube video showing the time-lapse process of creating a design advocating for the termination of roundups here.

I am currently working with the Advocates for Snake Preservation (ASP) as a volunteer designer to help create an eco-friendly, online, print-on-demand t-shirt store to serve as a passive fundraiser. My designs reflect the themes in their "Living With Snakes" and "Stop Snake Slaughter at Rattlesnake Roundups" campaigns.

You can view my designs here, and the shop here.


I have participated in Waquoit Bay Reserve's TIDAL Quest program several summers in a row (2016-2019), collecting water quality data for the "Bringing Wetlands to Market" project, conducting ecological surveys, and studying the natural history of the bay and its estuaries.
Since April 2018, I have been documenting sightings of local wildlife. These sightings are uploaded to iNaturalist, an online community of naturalists that contribute to research by recording sightings of wildlife.

Massachusetts State Science Olympiad Meet Division C (Herpetology)(solo)
10th place Harvard Invitational Science Olympiad Meet Division C (Ornithology)
Harvard Invitational Science Olympiad Meet Division C (Herpetology)

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