Projects and experience related to conservation and biology.

Scientific Illustration | January 2020 - Present

I'm working with the Liu lab at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to create figures for publications.

I'm also working with Van Wallach from the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology as a scientific illustrator to create visuals for some of his publications.

Pictured are illustrations of Ramphotyphlops mollyozakiae. The paper can be found here.

Processing Frog Reintroduction Data at Mt. Auburn Cemetery | August 2019 -Present

I have worked with Joe Martinez from the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology to help monitor frog reintroduction at Mt. Auburn Cemetery by analyzing frog call recordings using Kaleidoscope, a sound analysis program.

Advocacy Against Rattlesnake Roundups | November 2018 - Present

I am currently working with the Advocates for Snake Preservation (ASP) as a volunteer designer to help create an eco-friendly, online, print-on-demand t-shirt store to serve as a passive fundraiser. My designs reflect the themes in their "Living With Snakes" and "Stop Snake Slaughter at Rattlesnake Roundups" campaigns. These designs are used to create merchandise that helps fund their research.

You can view more of my designs here, and the shop here.

Waquoit Bay | August 2016 - August 2020

During summer 2020, a student team and I worked with Dr. Jordan Mora and other staff at the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (WBNERR) to use their data to create graphics, brochures, and other resources to help communicate their water quality data to the public.

We also created exhibit resources for the visitor center at the Waquoit Bay Research Reserve.

During previous summers, I have participated in Waquoit Bay Reserve's TIDAL Quest program several summers in a row (2016-2019), collecting water quality data for the "Bringing Wetlands to Market" project, conducting ecological surveys, and studying the natural history of the bay and its estuaries.

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