In 2015, I decided to create a YouTube channel.  It started out as a platform to post my fan art of book series such as Wings of Fire, but I've moved on to creating drawing tutorials and artistic critique videos (a series named Redline).  The channel is currently at 14 thousand subscribers.  
I primarily upload "speedpaint" videos, where I record and speed up the process of creating a piece.  Some of these are made to support a cause or inform and inspire people to make a change.  For example, the design created for the Rattlesnake Roundup video is sold on Redbubble as stickers, and 50% of the profits I earn from those are donated to .  
I've been interviewed by Aditya Saligrama for the school newspaper to give insight on how to run a successful channel.  

In 2016, I created a DeviantArt account as another platform to post my fan art on.  I currently have around 2.5k followers.  As my interests changed, so did the account.  Now, I use it to promote my other works, and to host contests.  
So far, I've hosted two contests with the theme of environmentalism, which can be found here (2017) and here (2019).   Often the prizes include money that the winner gets to donate to a cause or nonprofit of their choice.  I hope that by providing these opportunities, people are inspired to take action within their communities, in life or online, to drive change. 
In addition, I also host fundraising auctions, where I take a commission from the winner of the auction, and a portion of the money goes to benefit some cause or nonprofit.  

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