I have participated in Waquoit Bay Reserve's TIDAL Quest program several summers in a row, collecting water quality data, tagging sea-run brook trout, working with invasive toxic clinging jellyfish, and monitoring the nitrogen levels of the bay. 
As a hobby, I like to educate beach-goers about the wildlife around them.  Catching a horseshoe crab or eel tends to attract a lot of attention, and I use that to inform people about the natural history of the species in question.  I feel that it is important for the public to know the significance of the wildlife around them, so that people don't act based off of myths and poor judgement.  

2016: Showing a large horseshoe crab to beachgoers.
2018: Presenting the impacts of beach trash during the TIDAL Quest Program.
2018: A blue crab captured to monitor population (in comparison to the invasive green crabs).

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