I run a YouTube channel under the name "Haasio" currently with 14 thousand subscribers.  I post art and animations, sometimes under environmental or herpetological activism.  I also post drawing tutorials so that people can create and improve their own art.  In addition to my YouTube channel, I also have a DeviantArt account, where I do commission work and post studies and practices.  I occasionally host art contests to spread awareness about Climate Change and inspire my audience to send a message though their artwork.  I also occasionally host fundraising auctions, where a client pays for my art, and a portion of the payment gets donated to a cause (often environmental).  More about my online presence as an artist here
Artistic Accomplishments
(2015) Division C winner in the MSLA Bookmark Art contest, a state-wide art contest hosted by the Massachusetts School Library Association.  
(2017) Had my work, "Constellations", featured in DeviantArt's Pride Flag.  
(2015-2018) Some of my paintings were displayed at Waquoit Bay Yacht Club at the Art show (2018).  I frequently donate my paintings to be auctioned here for the Junior Sailing Program Fundraiser.  
(2018) During a science program in Waquoit Bay, I created artwork made from the litter washed up on the beach.  These were displayed in the Visitor Center briefly.  
(2019) Honorable Mention in the Nautilus Expedition Patch Contest.

2011: Since the Look and Learn Contest page is down, here is the certificate.
2018: Artwork for Aditya Saligrama (saligrama.io)
2018: A sticker design to advocate against rattlesnake roundups. 50% of the profits from this design were donated to https://www.rattlesnakeroundups.com/
2018: A parody of the "Don't Tread on Me" (Gadsden) flag, featuring a crocodile instead of the timber rattlesnake. This was designed as a response to a proposed high school stunt to wrestle a crocodile.
2018: Work for two clients who requested holiday artwork of their characters.
2019: Artwork for another user on DeviantArt. Background lighting and cloud practice.
2019: A sticker design to advocate for cleaning the seas. 50% of the profits from this design were donated to https://www.theoceancleanup.com/support/
2019: Commission work for a client
2019: Commission work
2019: Commission work
Traditional Art
2018: Waquoit Bay Yacht Club art show

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